Dec 26

The New BlackBerry Cell Phone in 2009: TmoNews Forum recently leaked a new BlackBerry phones in 2009 released plans picture, on this picture we can see RIM BlackBerry next year will be listed on several phones. Including 8900, touch screen Bold (9900), as well as Storm Sider.
New BlackBerry Cell Phone - BlackBerry Cell Phone in 2009 released plans Picture
new blackberry cell phone in 2009

According to the person who posted it said that this plans picture does not provide too many details, including touch-screen Bold 9900 (code-named Pluto) informations more reliable. The Storm sider version unconfirmed, it may only release the European market. In addition to these two cell phones, this form of cell phones also include 8900, 8930 and 8230 and so on. In addition, the new product Pearls will adopt a new user interface. In the next year’s upcoming new cell phone, the 9030 is the highest price phones, which is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, high-resolution screen, 1GB flash memory, SD card slot and Bluetooth.

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