May 10

T-Mobile Released the Android 1.5 Version: T-Mobile for the G1 users in the UK to upgrade to 1.5 version of Android, the user only with a minute to complete the system upgrade, the upgrade package size is 44MB. T-Mobile plan to the end of May for all G1 cell phone upgrade.
T-Mobile Cell Phone – T-Mobile Released the Android 1.5 Version
new Android 1.5 version

Android 1.5 using the latest Linux kernel version 2.6.27, supports a variety of Google applications, as well as the screen soft keyboard, video recording, video uploaded to YouTube, upload photos directly to Picasa Web Albums, support stereo Bluetooth, streamlining the user interface.

However, U.S. users can not upgrade to the Android 1.5, T-Mobile said that it would in a week to the U.S. users to provide the service.

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