Dec 11

New iPhone version of Sim City Game: This is a good news, now iPhone also can be played Sim City game, this classic game to be launched this month! SimCity of the iPhone version will be a complete Sim City game. Mobile version will include all elements of the game, pre-built cities, accountants recommended that water pipes, natural disasters and so on.
New iPhone Game – iPhone version of Sim City Game Pictures
iPhone Game Sim City

iPhone Game Sim City 

iPhone version of Sim City operation similar to the use of Google Maps, the map move, enlarge, reduce (but not rotate the map), as well as to place some of the simple object will not be too much trouble. However, in dealing with larger areas would be more error-prone, for example, sometimes things will overlap, or did not like the road you want to build it. EA will also allow players to carry out some simple amendments, but as more and more things on the map-intensive, delete the wrong situation will occur often.
The performance of the game screen is very good, and very similar to Sim City 3000.

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4 Responses to “New iPhone version of Sim City Game”

  1. 1. Hannah Garcia Says:

    i played the original SimCity in the 90’s and until now i still play the latest version of SimCity`*~

  2. 2. Jack Smith Says:

    simcity is my all time favorite game, my dad even played that game ‘.’

  3. 3. Dress Pants  Says:

    SimCity is the best, so damn addicting game. i used to play the original version when i was just a kid,`”

  4. 4. PIC Programmer Says:

    SimCity is a classic city simulator game which i used to play in the early 90’s (the original version) .`*

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