Nov 25

Storm 9530 Dismantling picture New BlackBerry Storm 9530 Dismantling Pictures: BlackBerry Storm 9530 the processor frequency up to 624MHz, and the allocation of visual area of 3.25 inches touch screen, and 3,200,000 pixels to support AF function pixel camera. It is due to a high standard configuration of the BlackBerry Storm 9530, a lot of people do it to compare Apple’s iPhone. Although Storm 9530 just released, but from the point of view to configure BlackBerry Storm 9530 are fully qualified to become Apple’s iPhone is another strong competitor. Of course, this configuration of the powerful BlackBerry Storm9530 by a fine combination of components, the following let us look at the BlackBerry Storm9530 dismantling of the picture!

-BlackBerry Storm 9530 Dismantling Pictures

Storm 9530 Dismantling picture

Storm 9530 Dismantling picture

Storm 9530 Dismantling picture

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