Oct 12

Google G1 Games: For just a listing of the world’s first use of the Android platform HTC Dream (G1), you may be more concerned about the new Android platform, but the following article introduces the main characters is not it, but the platform under a small Game PAC-MAN. PAC-MAN, we believe that the game is not it strange that the so-called bad eating Peas game.

The Android platform in the run of the game can be used three different methods of operation, the user can use a finger on the touch-screen slide, trackball or through the operation of the game, but most of a metamorphosis in the accelerated mode Sloshing through the mobile phone to play the game.
It is reported that the game’s retail price of 9.99 U.S. dollars, but the G1 cell phone users do not have to worry because NAMCO has to pay you a. NAMCO president of marketing Scott Rubin said that for this classic game in the Android platform using the company was pleased and I am sure that the game will be in the Android system of its outstanding performance.

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  2. 2. Anton Says:

    Is there any new Pac Man versions out in stores nowadays?

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